It’s a long hard road out of Hell

If there is a constant in my life that is the constant of fighting to be better. Through hard&correct working means. But I find it somewhat frustrating (ok, Mr.D. ..I admit it: I’m frustrated:) ) that, generally. are ahead of me are people with connections: relatives or friends in the right places. So….this means I should give up and go raise some goats for living? I really don’t think so: there is so much empty room for any of us. But, still….why do I have to reach 50 years old to have the position of a 20 years rich guy child? Doesn’t my child deserve to have a good education, a good life and so on without waiting all these years? Why is it so hard to develop honest & true competition in Romania? I admit that If I would have gone (a few years ago) to strawberry harvesting, I could have been so damn rich now. But this isn’t the way I was raised by my grandparents & parents. I hope to see a better Romania until I die. A Romania that will know to value it’s citizens, not by the colour of money, but by the quantity of produced Good (s).

Another song for this topic, from one of my favourite childhood artists…Marilyn Manson – Long hard road out of Hell


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